Mix Master Mike

Mix Master Mike | BREALTV

Mix Master Mike guest DJ set on the Dr Greenthumb Show (BREALTV)
Dstrukt Routine Royale

Dstrukt | Routine Royale | Scratch DJ Academy

Newly relocated BVMO crew member DJ Dstrukt stopped by Scratch DJ Academy in New York and jumped on the turntables for a quick set on Routine Royale.

DJing Diners and Drives | Vinyl Destination

In this episode of Vinyl Destination DJ Jazzy Jeff, Skillz and crew find themselves going from Los Angeles to San Jose, Ca and ending up in Vale, Colorado.

the fresherthans

DJ Brace and Vekked – The Fresherthans

DJ Brace and DJ Vekked of The Fresherthans have provided DJcityTV with exclusive routine which features impressive scratching over three original compositions
DJ Gent Bedroom Sessions

DJ Gent | Bedroom Sessions

Germany’s DJ Gent rocks a set featuring mainstream party jams and some underground cuts on this edition of DJ City's Bedroom Sessions.
Man vs Bug Vinyl Destination

Man vs Bug | Vinyl Destination

Man vs Bug follows DJ Jazzy, Skillz and crew as the tour around the Far East. Hitting Macaw, Bangkok and the Philippines.

delirious vinyl destination

Delirious | Vinyl Destination

DJ Jazzy Jeff and his crew finish up the European tour with a few shows in London and Romania before heading to Moscow.
DJ Ease

DJ Ease | 2014 DMC US Finals Set

DJ Ease performs his 3rd Place DMC USA finals routine.
dan the automator crate diggers

Dan The Automator | Crate Diggers

Dan The Automator talks about his vinyl collection on Crate Diggers. Dan shows two gems from his collection - The Honey Drippers and Melvin Bliss and more.

lessons with jazz vinyl destination

Lessons With Jazz | Vinyl Destination

LESSONS WITH JAZZ - Jazzy Jeff teaches DJ Ferno a quick lesson before heading off to the longest meet and greet ever.
scratch cypher seattle

Battle Ave. | Scratch Cypher Seattle

Scratch Cypher Seattle brings Cues, Waystyles, Beat Molester, Shmix, P Jilla, Mr Cerdan together on the turntables.
OOOH Kille’m Vinyl Destination

OOOH Kille’m | Vinyl Destination

In season 2 episode 17 of Vinyl Destination find out what DJ Jazzy Jeff and his crew conversate about while stuck in a elevator. Who has phone service and who doesn't? What will Ferno eat if there is no spam?

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