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Ego Crushen Sessions Vol 76

DJ Zoo, DJ Ace and Brotha Reese Vol 76

No special guest DJs this week on Ego Crushen Sessions. Just the Ego Crushen Sessions crew - DJ Zoo, Brotha Reese and DJ Ace on the turntables and of course Mr Tay on the mic.
ego crushen crew

Ego Crushen Crew Vol 44

Just the Ego Crushen Crew having fun in the studio. No guest DJ today. Just Brotha Reese, DJ Ace and DJ Zoo rockin on the turntables, with Mr Tay hosting as always.
resse and cj flash

Ego Crushen Meets The World Famous Rick & Russ Show – Vol 28

Ego Crushen Sessions teamed up with The World Famous Rick & Russ Show featuring CJ Flash to broadcast LIVE from 3000 Broadway Restaurant Bar & Lounge.