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Wicked Cutz & Stabs

Wicked | Cutz & Stabs

Wicked talks about how record collecting got him into DJing, his dream gig and who he would love to play with and his love of vinyl.
dj verz cuts & stabs

DJ Verz | Cutz & Stabs

DJ Verz discusses jackin records, playing City Nights, drunk patrons, his laptop crashing during gigs and playing in front of Q-bert.
J-Biz Cutz & Stabs

J-Biz | Cutz & Stabs

We talk to J-Biz about his high school prom, stealing his father's car,DJing for family members, tighty whiteys, how he got his first mixer and his top 5 jams.

dj malachi

DJ Malachi | Cutz & Stabs

DJ Malachi of the Handsome Bros DJs talks about socks, clothes, record shopping, his worst gig, playing for 2 people and his love of rhythms.
dj creativity

DJ Creativity | Cutz & Stabs

DJ Creativity of the Bum Squad DJs talks about his fav basketball team, his time on KDAY, his fav milk shake, shopping for records and moving from LA to Tx.
cris campos cutz stabs

Cris Campos | Cutz & Stabs

Cris Campos talks about the club that got him his big break, favorite record stores, what is his favorite type of funk, weighing 298 and a few other things.

DVS Dave Cutz & Stabs

DVS Dave | Cutz & Stabs

Brotha Reese chats with DVS Dave about some of his favorite things. Get a look at DVS Dave's Heineken Nikes. How did DVS Dave get 100 records for $20?
pam the funkstress cutz & stabs

Pam The Funkstress | Cutz & Stabs

Pam The Funkstress answers a few questions after her appearance on Ego Crushen Sessions. Learn what city she is REALLY from, what hip hop legend did she DJ for and which superstar she wants to DJ for. What is in a soulritto (soul food + burrito)

B-Traxx | Cutz & Stabs

Ego Crushen's Cutz & Stabs talks to B-Traxx from the Original Djs. Find out which hit record he never owned or played, favorite record stores, favorite tequila and more.

Mind Motion

Mind Motion | Cutz & Stabs

We talk to Mind Motion of the Pirate DJs on the streets of San Francisco. Did he wear FUBU or Cross Colours? Does he prefer CDJs or Turntables? Which two Bay Area hip hop groups did they bring together for a concert?
chuy gomez Cutz & Stabs

Chuy Gomez | Cutz & Stabs

We catch up with Chuy Gomez out in San Francisco, Ca at Eastside West's Taco Tuesdays. Find out about Chuy's stalker, some of his first records and most memorable gig.
Ichy The Killer

Ichy The Killer | Cutz & Stabs

Ichy The Killer answers a few question after his set on Ego Crushen Sessions...Find out if he gets nervous before sets, fav soda and fast food and his preferred DJ software.