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Mr Choe, Dstrukt and DJ Lazy Boy Vol 29

by on February 11, 2013
Show Synopsis

Mr Choe, Dstrukt and DJ Lazy Boy all came through and dropped killer sets. We help DJ Lazy Boy raise money and awareness for his upcoming medical procedure.


Mr Choe, Dstrukt and DJ Lazy Boy put it down for a special Ego Crushen Sessions. Mr Choe made his first appearance on Ego Crushen Sessions and opened the show with killer hip hop set. DJ Pizo came through to let us know about his upcoming projects -Yard Full of Pits compilation, reality show and working on Raphael Saadiq new album. This show was all about DJ Lazy Boy. Lazy Boy is in need of a special medical procedure. We asked him to come through to help bring awareness to his situation and raise funds for his upcoming surgery. Dstrukt came through to show support for Lazy Boy and ended up doing a quick set for Ego Crushen Sessions