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DJ Remedy, Jay Reese and Dox Black Vol 78

by on February 15, 2015

DJ Remedy, Jay Reese and Dox Black with Special Guest Kanetic Source

It has been close to a year since one of our favorite DJs, DJ Remedy, made an appearance on Ego Crushen Sessions. Of course Mad Hatter’s Crew member DJ Remedy didn’t disappoint. Jay Reese accompanied DJ Remedy this time around opening the show. Dox Black filled out the middle of the show performing songs off his new album. Dox Black surprised us by bringing Grammy Award winning emcee Kanetic Source to perform with him. Kanetic Source enjoyed himself so much that he performed a few of his own songs.
Hosted by Brotha Reese and Mr Tay
Behind The Boards: DJ Zoo, DJ Ace and Steve Kelly
Executive Producer: Norma Jean

“Where a DJ gets to be a DJ”
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