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Asthma Funk | Vol 86

by on July 20, 2015

Asthma Funk Is In The Bldg

The Asthma Funk crew were our guest DJs for Ego Crushen Sessions … And they brought along a few friends. Lou Short, Kurteek, VexOne, Step1, Bakon, Kodac, Seoul, McNasty, Iso and Itchy the Killa were all in the studio for Vol 86. MCnasty opened up the show with a 45 vinyl set playing some classic funk to set the tone. McNasty pumped out beats on the beat machines while Kurteek and Step1 got on the tables for some cuttin and skratchin. Backon and Lou Short followed that up rockin side by side with Iso and the rest of the Asthma Funk crew taking turns cuttin on the decks. Vexone jumped on for a solo set. Asthma Funk closed out the show with everyone taking turns in a jam session.