Vinyl Destination

DJing Diners and Drives | Vinyl Destination

In this episode of Vinyl Destination DJ Jazzy Jeff, Skillz and crew find themselves going from Los Angeles to San Jose, Ca and ending up in Vale, Colorado.
Man vs Bug Vinyl Destination

Man vs Bug | Vinyl Destination

Man vs Bug follows DJ Jazzy, Skillz and crew as the tour around the Far East. Hitting Macaw, Bangkok and the Philippines.
delirious vinyl destination

Delirious | Vinyl Destination

DJ Jazzy Jeff and his crew finish up the European tour with a few shows in London and Romania before heading to Moscow.

lessons with jazz vinyl destination

Lessons With Jazz | Vinyl Destination

LESSONS WITH JAZZ - Jazzy Jeff teaches DJ Ferno a quick lesson before heading off to the longest meet and greet ever.
OOOH Kille’m Vinyl Destination

OOOH Kille’m | Vinyl Destination

In season 2 episode 17 of Vinyl Destination find out what DJ Jazzy Jeff and his crew conversate about while stuck in a elevator. Who has phone service and who doesn't? What will Ferno eat if there is no spam?
proper lube Jazzy jeff's vinyl destination

Proper Lube | Vinyl Destination

Proper Lube covers day 3 of DJ Jazzy Jeff's European tour. Small cars, lost luggage and tortilla chips for dinner are all part of this leg of the tour. O yea DJ Ferno introduces his "Cutie Pie" dance to the world.