DVS Dave Cutz & Stabs

DVS Dave | Cutz & Stabs

Brotha Reese chats with DVS Dave about some of his favorite things. Get a look at DVS Dave's Heineken Nikes. How did DVS Dave get 100 records for $20?
OOOH Kille’m Vinyl Destination

OOOH Kille’m | Vinyl Destination

In season 2 episode 17 of Vinyl Destination find out what DJ Jazzy Jeff and his crew conversate about while stuck in a elevator. Who has phone service and who doesn't? What will Ferno eat if there is no spam?

dj hektek 2000 hip hop r n b

DJ Hektek | 2000 HipHop R&B Mixtape Vol. 2

"2000 Hip Hop R&B Mixtape Vol.2" features Bronx, NY DJ Hektek on the turntables playing a blend of Hip-Hop, Rap and R&B music from 2000. Brief intro and drops no talking on this digital mix.
dj remedy the hova mix

DJ Remedy | The Hova Mix

The MadHatter Crew's DJ Remedy lays out some of his favorite Jay-Z jams. If your are a Jay-Z fan this is a must hear mix.

dj stikmand 100 dilated peoples

DJ Stikmand | 100% Dilated Peoples

DJ Stikmand works the angle, sharp & precise – and delivers 100% Dilated Peoples! Just in time for their album release on the 12th August.
frankie knuckles red bull music academy

Frankie Knuckles | Red Bull Music Academy

DJ/Producer Frankie Knuckles sits down with Jeff Mao at the Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid in 2011 to discuss his illustrious house music career.

dj teeko boiler room

DJ Teeko | Boiler Room

DJ Teeko dropped a ridiculous set on The Boiler Room San Francisco, California! DJ Teeko showcases his talent and drops a set that won't easily be forgotten.
cris campos vol 67

Cris Campos Vol 67

Cris Campos was our lone guest on volume 67 of Ego Crushen Sessions this week. Cris Campos brought his new Pioneer controller and played a set that took us all over.