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Madhatters Crew

Sy-ence, Venom347, Evilhead, Classic and Remedy
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Chuy Gomez and The Pirate DJs - Mind Motion, Ivan and Daddy Rolo

Chuy Gomez and The Pirate DJs - Mind Motion, Ivan and Daddy Rolo celebrated our 50th Show
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DJ Yo Yolie

Yo Yolie is the first female to rock on Ego Crushen
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Gbeats The Soul Child

Vexone and GBeats The Soul Child were our guest DJs on our first show of 2014
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DJ Ray D, DJ Mixx and Philthy Dronez Vol 51

DJ Ray D rocked on the turntables, Philthy Dronez performed a live remix set and DJ Mixx spun a house set
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DJ J-Rome and DJ Ewock Vol 57

Sunday April 06, 2014 - DJ J-Rome stopped by to bless us with the first all Reggae set. We had been planning to have a show with nothing but Reggae , looks like J-Rome took itt upon himself to handle DJ Ewock from San Francisco played a set bouncing across multiple genres of club bangerz.
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DJ J-Rome of 3 Style Attractions

DJ Ewock


DJ Ray-D, DJ Raymundo and Felix The Friendly Traveler

Ray-D from KDON returned to have some fun with the Ego Crushen Sessions fam. Ray-D laid out a killa hip hop set of some of his favorite jamz. We interview Australian/Canadian hip hop artist Cee via Skype to discuss his latest EP "Steps to the Peak" and his upcoming album. Felix the Friendly Traveler and Raymundo from the MHz show on KZSU did a round robin style performance, trading every 3 songs. Doing it the with 45's!!

DJ Classic and DJ Christylz from the Bum Squad DJz Vol 55

DJ Classic stopped by for his record setting 8th appearance on Ego Crushen Sessions. This time he brought fellow Bum Squad DJz member DJ Christylz.

Madhatters Crew - Evilhead, Sy-ence, Classic, Venom347 and Remedy Vol 54

The Madhatters Crew came in full surface!! Well, except DJ Traps, who was at a scratch battle, and DJ Fresh, who was in LA.  We had to go and extra 30 minutes to accommodate all 5 DJs. It was DJ SY-ENCE's first appearance on Ego Crushen starting the show off with some drum & bass. DJ Classic made his record setting 7th appearance on the show!

DJ KAOS Vol 53

DJ Kaos came through to hang out with the Ego Crushen family

Vexone and Gbeats The Soul Child Vol 52

DJ Zoo opened our first show for 2014. It had been a while since DJ Zoo was on the turntables. VexOne from The FreshMen Crew was 2nd batter up. He show cased his skills with some of today's DJ technology. Gbeats The Soul Child was our featured guest DJ.