dj verz cuts & stabs

DJ Verz | Cutz & Stabs

DJ Verz discusses jackin records, playing City Nights, drunk patrons, his laptop crashing during gigs and playing in front of Q-bert.
DJ Gent Bedroom Sessions

DJ Gent | Bedroom Sessions

Germany’s DJ Gent rocks a set featuring mainstream party jams and some underground cuts on this edition of DJ City's Bedroom Sessions.

J-Biz Cutz & Stabs

J-Biz | Cutz & Stabs

We talk to J-Biz about his high school prom, stealing his father's car,DJing for family members, tighty whiteys, how he got his first mixer and his top 5 jams.
J-Biz and DJ Verz Vol 77

J-Biz and DJ Verz Vol 77

We were finally able to get J-Biz and DJ Verz on Ego Crushen Session after trying for over a year. J-Biz rocks and r&b set and DJ Verz done an all vinyl set.

Ego Crushen Sessions Vol 76

DJ Zoo, DJ Ace and Brotha Reese Vol 76

No special guest DJs this week on Ego Crushen Sessions. Just the Ego Crushen Sessions crew - DJ Zoo, Brotha Reese and DJ Ace on the turntables and of course Mr Tay on the mic.
Ego Crushen Sessions 75th Show

VexOne, Benofficial, Ewock, Hoeks and Audio1 – Vol 75

To celebrate our 75th show we decide to broadcast LIVE from the TFK store in San Leandro, Ca.

DJ Tekneek Cuts & Stabs

DJ Tekneek | Cutz & Stabs

DJ Tekneek talks about about growing up in East Oakland, CA, His first pair of turntables he got from a crackhead and hangin out at the original sideshows.
Rystylz and Majestichris Ego Crushen Sessions Vol 74

Rystylz and Majestichris Vol 74

Rystylz and Majestichris are our guest for Ego Crushen Sessions Vol. 74. This show marks the first time these long time friends have ever played together.