B-Rich, DJ Raymundo and Venom347 Vol 71

B-Rich, DJ Raymundo and Venom347 Vol 71

B-Rich, DJ Raymundo and Venom347 are the guest DJs on Vol. 71 of Ego Crushen Sessions. B-Rich and Raymundo doing all vinyl and Venom347 hittin us wit b-boy beats.
delirious vinyl destination

Delirious | Vinyl Destination

DJ Jazzy Jeff and his crew finish up the European tour with a few shows in London and Romania before heading to Moscow.

Eskei83 SeratoCast Mix

Eskei83 | SeratoCast Mix

A month after winning The 2014 Red Bull Thre3style World Championship, Eskei83 drops a 60 minute mix for SeratoCast to celebrate his win. Beats and blends.
DJ Ease

DJ Ease | 2014 DMC US Finals Set

DJ Ease performs his 3rd Place DMC USA finals routine.

TFK Crew

DJ Kan-i and TFK CREW – Hoeks, Lou Short and Firm Vol 70

DJ Kan-i and TFK Crew were the first guest in the new Ego Crushen Sessions studio. DJ Kan-i, Hoeks and Lou Short rock the tables while Firm throws up a piece.
dan the automator crate diggers

Dan The Automator | Crate Diggers

Dan The Automator talks about his vinyl collection on Crate Diggers. Dan shows two gems from his collection - The Honey Drippers and Melvin Bliss and more.

dj mixx dj sosaa dj ewock

Dj Mixx, DJ Sosaa and DJ Ewock | Vol 69

Dj Mixx, DJ Sosaa and DJ Ewock were the featured guest DJs on volume 69 of Ego Crushen Sessions. Sosaa and Ewock show how the next generation of DJs get down.
stooki sound

Stooki Sound | Legacy I

DJ Lukey and Jelacee make up London based production and DJ unit Stooki Sound, blending musical genres - UK Bass, Hip-Hop and Trap to create a unique sound.